Winterization, De-winterization, and oil changefor Boats and Jet Skis



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  • Winterization & Oil Change – $395
  • Oil Change Only – $275
  • Winterization Only – $225
  • Boat & Trailer Lubrication – $75
  • De-winterization – $100


  • Winterization includes: fuel stabilizer, fogging engine, disconnecting the battery, and running marine antifreeze through the engine.
  • Oil change  is add-on service and includes: Oil filter, new engine oil, lower unit gear oil
  • Boat & Trailer Lubrication – Lubricate moving parts on stern drive/hitch/winch/jack/packing trailer bearings
  • De-winterization includes: running boat for 30 mins, checking all fuel levels, checking and charging batteries, checking trailer tire pressure

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Winterization & Oil Change, Winterization Only, Oil Change Only, Boat & Trailer Lubrication, De-winterization

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