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Deck & Dock Repair

Lake James, Morganton, Nebo and Marion

Maintaining your deck and dock will keep them looking better for longer and avoid potential safety hazards. With regular maintenance you can enjoy your investment in outdoor living for years to come.

DECK MAINTENANCE:  A popular area for entertaining and outdoor living, its vital to regularly inspect your deck’s strength and safety. Proactive maintenance of small issues, can prevent large accidents and save you time and money in repairs down the road. Age and weathering of your deck can create loose or weakened boards, handrails and support beams. This can turn into a major safety hazard if not addressed quickly. 

DOCK MAINTENANCE: It is important to fully inspect your dock, from top to bottom, before using each year. We offer inspections and repairs, including replacing damaged slats, tightening and replacing nuts and bolts, and reinforcing strength and safety of your dock.

CLEANING: Keep your deck or dock free of mold, mildew and stains with regular power washing. We can also provide this service for other outdoor living areas such as fences, gazebos, furniture, and concrete surfaces. You should thoroughly clean and seal your deck each year. Complete necessary repairs and then stain surfaces that may have become weathered and seal them to keep them looking new for many years to come.

Deck & Dock Add-Ons (storage chests, closets, and more)

Looking for a place to store your water toys or an outdoor closet for gardening equipment? Perhaps you’d like to add bench seating. We can provide you a quote for custom add-ons to your outdoor living.

Deck & Dock Repair
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